Photoluminescent Safety Signs - Photoluminescent or glow in the dark signs (GITD) use a material which self charges using ambient light. In the event of power failure causing low light or a fire and smoke filled room, these safety signs will glow brightly enough to be seen. This increased visibility ensure the safety message or warning can be clearly seen when its most needed. These signs comply with EN ISO 7010:2012. The photoluminescence material exceeds PSPA class B readings. After absorbing visible light for 10-30 minutes, these signs will glow more than 6 hours in the darkness. Illumination - 6hrs + Recharge time - 5 minutes in normal lighting PSPA Class B DIN, IMO and British Standard requirements.
  • In the event of a power failure, these signs will help reduce panic by allowing for safer evacuation
  • Highly visible in dark conditions.
  • Reactivated over and over by direct exposure to a light source ie. daylight or ortificial light such as flourescent tubs etc.
  • They present no health or environmental hazards and require no electial power or batteries to enable them to work.
  • Glow in the Dark Signs (GITD)