Angles Morts / Blind Spot Motorhome Sticker

  • Angles Morts / Blind Spot Motorhome Sticker

Angles Morts / Blind Spot Motorhome Sticker / Blind Spot

New legislation in France from 1 January 2021 requires all vehicles over 3.5T to display warning stickers to indicate the position of blind spots to other road users.
The new law includes vehicles from all countries – whether in or outside of the EU – with an authorised total weight of more than 3.5 tonnes. As well as trucks, coaches, buses and vans, it includes private vehicles over 3.5T, such as motorhomes. It applies to vehicles travelling “in an urban environment.” This is not clearly defined, but presumed to be all built-up areas. Non-compliance will result in a 4th class penalty fine (€135) that can be decreased or increased, associated with a loss of 1 to 6 points on the driving licence.

The stickers’ exact location (on both sides and the rear) is mandated by the new law.
  • On the rear, on the right-hand side (French kerbside)
  • On each side (left and right) between 0m-1m of the front, excluding glass surfaces
  • On trailers, each side (left and right) between 0m-1m behind the kingpin (for semi-trailers) or the front body of other trailers.
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